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Care for your investment starts now

30 years of experience allows us to take from you the burden of everyday life of your investment: projects, permits, administrative and legal formalities, supervision over the implementation and coordination of construction works.

our offer

Analysis of technical and legal possibilities of project implementation

Analysis of the possibility of purchase of ground

Investment contracts

Architectural designs

Setting the schedule and budget of the investment

Organisation and analysis of tender for execution

Supervising tall stages of the investment

we have completed many projects.

we constantly search for new challenges.


Specialists and experts for you

We give you our  knowledge in the field of construction and expansion of real estate. Each stage of a construction project requires experience. This is exactly what we offer. Our years of intensive work have resulted in excellent results. We can make this experience work in your favor.

Construction of big objects

Investments are the creation of new facilities, and in turn projects, permits, permits, administrative and legal formalities, supervision, inspectors, arrangements, deadlines and contractors. We want to save you so many problems and we offer our services, which will help relieve the investor during the implementation of the investment project.

experts in contracts

We help in the analysis, arrangement, negotiation and supervision over the implementation of contracts. For two decades we have learned the strengths and weaknesses of many types of contracts related to the implementation of investments.

Administering the projects

We also conducted facility management for various facilities, among others supermarkets of Carrefour Polska.

Recognition of our activities was the receipt of the AWARD 2009 award for the complete implementation of one of our investments.

trade and distribution

We offer the most interesting, unique and innovative products on the market and we sell / distribute them. Among them, the snail caviar – Bogle White Caviar – one of the most exclusive types of caviar in the world. Another interesting in the cosmetics industry is GR-X, a sensational new means to restore the natural color of gray hair.

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